Moisturizing Hair/Skin Kit


About the Kit 

This kit comes with the Almond Castor Oil, Black seed Almond Moisturizing Cream, and Shea Manuka Honey Deep Conditioner.
It works to detangle the hair, soften your strands, enabling the hair to become more malleable, hydrate the hair, prevent frizz, condition the hair, and works to define your curl pattern.
Our  Blackseed moisturizing cream can be used for twist-outs, braid-outs, two-strand twists,  dredge locs [locs] and wash n go looks. 
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Apply the Shea Manuka Honey Conditioning treatment to your hair, then rinse the product out with water. For those with dry hair, follow the instructions below:
Section the hair, then apply a quarter-size amount from the roots to the ends of each strand. Make sure to add enough to your damaged/dry ends. Leave the treatment within your hair for 20 -30 minutes, then rinse it out with water.
The Style Phase 
Apply the Black seed Almond Moisturizing cream to your roots and strands. Then apply the Almond Castor Oil to the hair to give it shine and to prevent hair frizz.
For Skin 
Apply the Almond Castor Oil can be applied to the skin directly or inserted into your daily moisturizer, lotion, and vaseline as an enhancement to your current product.
Please note all hair masks, leave-ins, and conditioning treatments were made with raw butter. Their textures are subject to change when left in an area with extreme heat or above 80’F. The butter that each product is created with will melt when left in extreme heat.

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Moisturizing Hair/Skin Kit