Herbal Hair & Skin Care Set


About The Kit 
This Bundle includes 1 Coconut Tea Tree Oil Mix and 1 Minty Leave-In Cream.
For Skin: Our Coconut Tea Tree Mix can also be applied to the skin and works to treat irritation, remove excess dirt and detoxify the skin.
For Hair: With the infusion of rosewater, peppermint water, aloe vera, and Bhringraji; this cream will soften the hair, prevent hair loss, reduce dandruff, add shine, reduce frizz and relieve scalp irritations. Our coconut tea tree oil mix can also be applied directly to the hair after using the leave-in cream or as an oil treatment to unclog your hair follicles.
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Section the hair, then apply a quarter size of the Minty Leave-In into each sectioned strand. The product works on damp or dry hair. We recommend applying the product to damp hair.  Then apply the Coconut Tea Tree Oil Mix to your scalp and skin. 
The product is not for internal consumption or internal use and should only be applied topically. The product is only and solely for external use and should only be applied to the hair, skin, and scalp. The product should be kept out of the hands of children and away from your eyes. Please note that essential oils were used to create this product and have been fully diluted, for the product to be safe for external uses on the hair, skin, and scalp.
Please note all hair masks, leave-ins, and conditioning treatments were made with raw butter. Their textures are subject to change when left in an area with extreme heat or above 80’F. The butter that each product is created with will melt when left in extreme heat.

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Herbal Hair & Skin Care Set