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Why We Started

Lively Naturale was created by my sister (Genna) and I (Samantha) back in 2020. Since we are 9 and half years apart in age, we definitely see things differently. Especially when it comes to our hair styles, hair techniques or products we like to use. For example, I often do twist outs or braid outs which leaves my hair really curly. So I usually like to use hair creams, leave ins or twisting creams as a way to keep my hair moisturize during the week. Whereas my sister prefers to wear her hair in more protective styles like Lemonade braids, Crochet, Knotless braids or two strand twist. So for her, she likes to use oil serums or greases as a way to keep her hair moisturize while she’s rocking those hairstyles. I can go down a list of things that we do differently but what I can say is that we agreed when we transitioned from using chemical based products to raw organic natural products that we both saw a difference in our hair texture and its shape. As a result, we thought about sharing our experiences and creating a platform where people will not only obtain informative content but hear our stories in addition to other readers experiences throughout their hair journey. If you want to find out more about how we got started, check out our Post called “How Lively Naturale Textures Got Started to see how this idea came together.