Natural Herb Benefits for Natural Hair Part 1

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Hey Everyone,

So I’m on this natural product journey, and while on this journey I’ve discovered the benefits of using natural herbs on my hair. Before this journey, I was honestly naive to how beneficial herbs were for the body and scalp. I was always that person who said natural remedies aren’t for me because we have cosmetic stores and haircare lines. These products aren’t all-natural but they can’t be too bad or else, the beauty supply stores wouldn’t exist. Right? However fast forward to today, my mindset on this has completely changed, because not only am I more aware of what goes into my hair products, but I can honestly say that my hair has never felt better. What do I mean by this? I was always that person who thought they quote on quote had, “black hair” because I just felt like it was extremely thick, dry, prone to shedding, and not manageable. I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt like this about their hair at one point in time. However, it wasn’t until recently that I noticed, I actually don’t have thick hair. Maybe tangled and dry hair, but definitely not thick hair. Interestingly enough, once I started using natural products, herb-based oils, and powders; my hair stop shedding as much as it used to, my curl pattern became more defined and my hair stays hydrated for longer periods of time. So that’s it for my story. Let’s get into what are some herbs that will strengthen, thicken, remove dandruff, and add moisture back into the hair.

Fenugreek a.ka. Methi:

  1. It contains folic acid, protein, calcium, Vitamin A, K, and C.
  2. It helps to reduce hair shedding and prevents hair loss.
  3. It prevents hair thinning
  4. It helps to add moisture and shine back into the hair because it contains lecithin. Lecithin is comprised of fatty acids that allow it to create a barrier on the hair’s surface in order for the hair to lock and seal in moisture.
  5. It helps to treat dandruff and can be mixed with lemon juice, lime juice, or apple cider vinegar to create a natural hair rinse.
  6. It promotes hair growth and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. As a result of this, it is able to rid the scalp of bacteria or fungus that will impede hair growth and also helps to relieve any scalp irritations.
  7. Lastly, it helps to control frizz.

{Please note that this can be bought in powder form, seed form, pill form, and oil form. If you plan to use the seed form then make sure to mix it with water. Then let it sit overnight so that seeds can soften. Then blend it and mix the blend with some carrier oils like sweet almond, coconut, olive oil, or avocado oil. Then take the paste and apply it to your wet hair. Let it sit for about 20- 30 min then wash it out. If you’re using the powder, then you can use the same method to prepare this product, except the product doesn’t need to sit overnight to soften. You can just blend the powder and water then apply it to your wet hair. }

Holy Basil a.k.a Tulsi:

  1. It strengthens the hair
  2. It contains folate, Vitamin A, C, E, K, copper, iron, zinc, manganese and so much more.
  3. It helps to treat dandruff and an itchy scalp
  4. Not sure if this part is true but it’s known for preventing premature greying. However, if I were you, I would test this out just to make sure it’s true.
  5. Since it contains Vitamin A, this means that it helps to produce oil within the scalp, which then keeps the hair hydrated and healthy
  6. It also helps to nourish the scalp and promotes hair tissue regeneration and repair after hair damage. This is important because it is needed for hair growth.

{Please note that holy basil can be boiled with water to create a hair rinse or can be mixed in with your regular hair oils as an enhancement. If you plan to mix it in with your hair oils, then let it soak within the oil for about 20-30 min, before applying it to your scalp. You can either apply the oil prior to your shampoo routine or you can apply it as a normal oil serum.}

Curry Leaves :

  1. It helps to unclog the hair follicles, remove dead skin cells, and helps to maintain a healthy scalp
  2. It promotes hair growth and helps to open up the hair follicles
  3. It prevents hair loss and reduces hair shed because of the protein that it contains called beta-carotene. Beta-carotene basically turns into vitamin A once it enters the body and can also be found in carrots.
  4. It also helps to strengthen and thicken the hair because of the fact that it contains beta-carotene and protein.
  5. It’s able to create a barrier on the hair surface to protect it from harsh environments like UV light, Pollution, and wind.
  6. It helps to fight against hair thinning and has antioxidant properties, which help it to fight against free radicals that will cause damage to your scalp.
  7. It’s full of Vitamin A, B, C, E, and calcium.

{Please note that the curry leaves must be boiled with the oil until the leaves become burnt and black for them to be used. Let the oil cool before applying it to your scalp.}

Well, that’s it. Leave a comment if you found this post to be helpful. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our 6 Part herb series. Part 2 will continue to talk about other herbs and their benefits for natural hair. It will focus on Ginseng, Nettle, Alma, and Sage. Plus be on the lookout for my next DIY hair mask video, where I will try fruits from our last post called 7 fruits in your kitchen that will benefit your natural hair part b. In addition to that, I will also try a 30-day challenge where I will make an oil serum, utilizing one or two of these herbs to see if it will help my hair to grow and feel strong. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to this page if you find our post to be helpful, insightful, and entertaining. Plus, if you guys have a DIY recipe video or hair rinse video, where you used natural herbs, then share it with us by tagging @livelynaturale when you share your post. We would love to share it on our page and add the link to our site so that other people can try and benefit from your recipe as well. Be on the lookout for the first phase of our product line, which will be oil serums coming out next month. Lastly, don’t forget to follow us on social media. The links to our social media pages are located at the top of the page.

Natural Herb Benefits for Natural Hair Part 1