What Are 7 Fruits In Your Kitchen that will benefit Your Hair…Part A

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Hey Everyone,

We all know the typical fruits that people usually refer to when it comes to natural ingredients for our hair. Aloe, bananas, and avocados, but there are so many other fruits out there that no one really talks about. Like papaya, oranges, mangos, peaches, apples, pomegranate, and my favorite pineapples. Not only are these items refreshing to eat in the summertime or when you’re laying around the house for a Netflix and chill night, but who knew that your afternoon/ late-night snack, can actually benefit your hair. If your thinking this sounds crazy just read more to see what I mean.


  1. It contains Vitamin A and what this vitamin does is:
    1. Enable skin cells to produce an oil called sebum which helps to moisturize the scalp and hair
    2. It also helps to promote hair growth.
  2. Papaya contains nutrients like folate (vitamin B9) and Potassium. [If you want to know more about folate then check out our post on the benefits of Quinoa Seeds.] Now, potassium will help to balance the hair’s ph levels. What do I mean by this? Have you ever noticed that people with potassium deficiency tend to have hair loss? If you haven’t, then I think it’s time for you to start noticing. For example, why do you think bananas are so amazing for hair growth and moisturizing. It’s the Potassium!!!
  3. Lastly, papaya also aids in preventing/ controlling dandruff and has great conditioning and moisturizing properties. If this sounds a bit weird, just think about it. Papaya has anti-fungal properties, which are necessary for any essential oils or products that help with getting rid of dandruff.

So Why Oranges

  1. Oranges have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, which means it helps to prevent dandruff.
  2. It contains vitamin C and as you know this helps to produce collagen, which strengthens the hair, provides elasticity, and helps to promote hair growth
  3. It has B vitamins, vitamin A, calcium, and potassium. So what does b- vitamins do for the hair? B-vitamins increase the production of red blood cells, which helps oxygen to flow to the scalp. This will then promote/ encourage hair growth and slow down the process of hair loss. Now for those of you who aren’t too sure about what B-vitamins are. Here’s a list of the most common types you probably know.
    1. B3 (Niacin)
    2. B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
    3. B6
    4. B7( Biotin)

Now Lets Talk About Mango

  1. Mango contains Vitamin E, which helps to nourish the hair, cleanse the scalp and release free radicals that essentially block the hair follicles causing the scalp to break down and eventually become damaged. Lastly, it adds shine and luster to the hair
  2. It also contains vitamin A, C, and K, which helps to maintain a healthy scalp and give your hair a healthy look.
  3. Furthermore, it contains the following nutrients:
    1. Folate
    2. Calcium
    3. Zinc. [For those of you who are looking to learn more about these vitamins/ minerals, then don’t forget to check our post on the effects of quinoa seeds and our other post on the effects of chia seeds.]
  4. In addition to that, it helps to fight against dandruff and adds shine to the hair.
  5. It contains fiber, copper, potassium, and magnesium, which are minerals that help with adding thickness and fullness to the hair structure. If you want to know more about what these items can do, then don’t forget to check out those other two posts that I mentioned before.
  6. Lastly, since its structure is composed of over 50% of water, it acts as the perfect moisturizing agent for your hair.

Well, that’s it for Part A. Stay Tune for Part B, which will launch on Sunday where I will talk about the benefits of peaches, apples, pomegranate, and pineapple for our hair. Also don’t forget to like, subscribe and share this post if you found it to be helpful. Plus stay tuned for my DIY hair mask video where I will test out some of these products on my hair. Since we know it’s beneficial when it’s ingested, however, let’s see if it can be applied topically and be just as beneficial to our hair!!! Finally don’t forget to check out our social media pages. The links to our social media pages can be found on the homepage.

What Are 7 Fruits In Your Kitchen that will benefit Your Hair…Part A

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