Wash Day Woes.. Should Wash Day Really Be a Stressful Experience?…

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Hey Everyone,

TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION, NO IT SHOULD NOT! However, are you someone who avoids washing your hair because it ends up feeling like a merry-go-round experience? Meaning your wash day routine is so long that it can compete with the energizer bunny because it just keeps going & going & going. Just like a continuous cycle. So what do I mean by this? Do you have to make plans around your wash day? For example, when your friends try to make plans with you on a Saturday, do you let them know that you’re booked to the max because you have a date with the sink or shower since it’s wash day? What about this? When it comes to your product game. Is your closet so full of products that you can compete with the beauty supply store?

Hell, I would know since my closet used to have every hair brand product you can think of. The reason being is when you don’t know how to treat your hair type or haven’t found the brand whose products work for you. You end up buying the entire shelf of conditioners, shampoos, gels, leave-ins, and oil serums at the store. We do this because the goal at the end of our wash day is to have soft, malleable hair that retains moisture from the products we use. I remember I used to hate wash days because you know when you style your hair with a leave-in or twisting cream, and your hair texture finally reaches that moisturized look you’ve been looking for. Once you wash your hair, it’s like that smooth natural texture that you been working so hard towards is gone because washing your hair strips it of all of the added oils/ products you use.

Some of you may not understand this struggle but let me tell you from experience, I know that I’m not the only one who would hear that Dun- Dun- Dunnnn, every time wash day was near! So check out these steps and let us know if the merry-go-round experience turned into a quick fast wash n go look?

Here are the 11 Steps You Can Follow to achieve that Wash n Go Look Without a Long Wash and Conditioning Routine.

  1. Always do a pre-shampoo routine.
    • Add a moisturizing cream or oil serum to your hair before sectioning if the hair is dry. The reason being is moisturized hair will be a lot easier to part. Plus if your hair is prone to tangling like mines, then having it moisturized will make it easier to undo the knots without feeling the pain of pulling your hair.
  2. Section your hair by using your fingers instead of a Rat tail comb.
    • I use my fingers instead of a comb because using a comb makes it easier for fly-aways or straggle strands to get caught and pulled out. Especially since we want to keep the hair shed to a minimum.
  3. Apply your hair mask or deep treatment to the sections before detangling with either a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush.
    • When detangling your hair, always comb or brush from the ends to the roots. Doing this method will let you unravel your hair without pulling or ripping out any of the hair that is locked within the knotted area.
  4. After detangling the section, loosely twist or braid that section before moving on to untangle and apply your deep treatment or mask to the remaining sections.
  5. Once the entire head has been completed, put on your conditioning cap.
    • If you have low porosity hair, apply heat to the hair for about 5-10 min before putting your conditioning cap on. For those of you who don’t have this hair type then place your conditioning cap on once you have braided or twisted down the sections.
  6. Leave the treatment within your hair for about 30 minutes. [ If it is not an all-natural DIY product, make sure to read the directions for the required time frame. ]
  7. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and use a co-wash if the shampoo is not an all-natural product.
    • All-natural shampoos are a lot gentler to the hair because many of the ingredients are usually plant extracts, natural butters, essentials oils, and herbs, which are less prone to leave the hair dry. Whereas regular shampoo has harsher chemicals whose job is to strip the hair of its natural oils, which is what we don’t want. However, if you don’t have an all-natural shampoo, a co-wash will work just as well because it basically acts as a conditioner with cleansing properties.
  8. Apply your conditioner.
    • Gently run your fingers through your hair from the ends to the roots as you are applying. This will help to make sure you detangle any last-minute knots and help to seal, smoothen and moisturize your strands. When rinsing out the conditioner, use cold water to seal your ends
  9. Squeeze out the water before taking a t-shirt or towel to dry your hair.
    • You’ll notice after this routine that your hair has been stretched and detangled as a result of this process
  10. Apply your hair butter or leave-in cream to your damp hair.
    • Section the hair with your fingers and begin to apply your hair butter or leave-in cream from the ends to the roots; while gently running your fingers through the section to continue to ensure that the hair remains detangled.
  11. Lastly, apply oil to your scalp.

Once you have done all of these steps you’ll be ready to go out. Leave a comment to let us know how this worked for you. Stay tuned for my video of my wash day routine, where I will perform all of these steps. Plus if you haven’t checked out our social media pages or YouTube Channel, find the links at the top of the Home Screen page. Don’t forget to check out our other posts. You can click on the banner slides at the top of the Home Screen page to take you to any post you are looking for or check out any of the related posts at the bottom of each page.

Wash Day Woes.. Should Wash Day Really Be a Stressful Experience?…