Why Chia Seeds are a Great addition to your DIY products

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I’m sure many of you have heard of aloe gel and flaxseed gel for extreme hair growth but how many of you have heard that Chia Seeds have the same effect. If you’re skeptical about this theory that’s ok. Just read this post and let me know if I’ve changed your mind about trying it.

So How Does Chia Seeds Help the Hair

Chia seeds contain Omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, phosphorous, zinc, and calcium. In addition to that, the grain also contains biotin, copper, selenium, magnesium, and vitamins A, B, C, and E to name a few. It also contains antioxidants, manganese, and fiber. You’re probably wondering why these minerals and vitamins are so important for hair in the first place. I’ll break that down later but let’s just talk about what chia seeds are, to begin with.

Chia Seeds are tiny black and white seeds the derive from the plant Salvia Hispanica. For those of you who haven’t heard about Salvia Hispanica, it is a Mexican flower within the mint family of Lamiaceae that is grown in Mexico and Guatemala. Not only is this plant important today but it was seen as an important crop used by pre-Colombian Aztecs and the Mesoamerican Indian civilization.

Chia Seed and Lively Naturale Chia Seed Mix

Now let’s talk about why Omega 3- Fatty Acid, Protein & Phosphorous Are So Important For the Hair

Omega- 3 fatty acids and protein provide essential nutrients to the hair follicles, which repair and prevent them from becoming inflamed. It will not only soothe the scalp but as inflammation is a direct cause of hair loss, having these fatty acids & organic compounds within your DIY products will induce hair growth and allow the follicles to become stronger over time.

Why Zinc, Calcium, Biotin & Copper

These minerals play an important factor to the hair’s tissue and growth because it enables the oil glands to continue to secrete oil in order to keep the hair lubricated and smooth. They also prevent hair thinning, assist with hair regrowth, and enable the hair to look shiny & luscious to the naked eye.

Let move on to Selenium, Magnesium and Vitamin A, B, C, and E

These vitamin/ minerals increase blood circulation to the follicles, moisturizes your hair strands, and provides antioxidants. In addition to that, it creates collagen which prevents the hair from aging by increasing pigment to the hair follicles and reducing the appearance of gray hair. Collagen also adds protein, which enables the hair to thicken and grow stronger over time. Plus it helps to increase hair production by creating new follicles within the scalp.

So after looking at all of these chemically scientifically challenging words. I’m sure your head is spinning like mine was when I first saw all of the nutrients that Chia Seeds contain. Basically utilizing Chia Seeds in your hair mask, conditioning treatments and treatment gels should guarantee you a new way to get your hair nice and right before spring. Not only that it also helps with extreme hair growth and works well on all hair types/ textures.

Chia Seeds can be mixed with any type of essential oils or hair butters when creating your DIY products. So try it out and let us know your thoughts on how it worked for you. Also, check out our DIY recipe page for more insight on how you can produce your own CHIA SEED mix.

Why Chia Seeds are a Great addition to your DIY products

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