Test How Much You Know About Natural Products and Essential Oils.

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Hey Everyone,

We wanted to change it up this time around and give you a questionnaire to do instead of just writing a post about the topic and having you all read it. Listen I know you’re probably saying” WHAT A QUESTIONNAIRE” who has time for that especially when I’m not in school. So hear me out, as much as I like to write about my experiences and what these products do, I know it can get boring just reading words on a screen all the time. Especially since I do it during my day job and sometimes you can look at a computer and be like I can’t do it today. There are just too many words on the screen and I don’t have enough time or interest to even bother with trying to get through this essay you’re calling a story. Ironically, I’m writing a post to tell you why we did the questionnaire instead of writing a regular post so I’m basically doing what I said I didn’t want to do. Ehh Sorry about that😉.

But let’s get back to the topic. What about when you’re reading and you get through only two paragraphs and feel like you’ve been reading the entire encyclopedia. Like my god who wants to go through that. I know I don’t and I don’t want you guys to feel like we’re doing that to you either, which is why we decided to change it up this time around and do a survey.

Just give us 2 minutes of your time to learn about the topic and once you submit it you’ll get the answers emailed to you right after. Just note to take the questionnaire, you must enter an email address at the top of the form, this way you’ll have the information readily available when you are creating your own DIY products or just checking to see how honest the sales rep was when he or she was selling their company product to you.

So click on the link https://forms.gle/gXfATzGLndeDt2W17 to check it out and let me know if you want more posts like these or if you prefer the traditional method of me just writing about the topic and sharing my own experiences with it. Let me know by messaging me through our social media page, contacting us through the contact page, or just sending us an email at livelynaturale@gmail.com. ☺️

Plus don’t forget to check out our DIY page for some tips on recipes you can use to promote hair growth, moisturizing, and for your own porosity type✌🏾.

Test How Much You Know About Natural Products and Essential Oils.