Natural Hair Nightmare Stories… We all Have one. So Share yours on our Natural Hair Stories Chatroom via Tumblr…

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Hey Everyone,

Have you ever wanted to change your look and it ended up being a nightmare that you couldn’t wake up from? I know I have and I sure something similar has probably happened to you. When I was about 18, I recently began college and wanted a new look. First I decided to buy a rinse since that was the safer option, in order to dye my hair burgundy. I spent 3 hours in the chair at the salon. Not only did I dye my hair, but I also blow-dried and straightened it as well just to find out that once it was done my hair looked black until it hit the sun. Now ya’ll know if someone is trying to go for a new look that this experience was not it. Since I went to a family friend who worked at a salon the first time around to dye my hair burgundy and that failed miserably. I decided to change my approach and go to another hairdresser that was recommended to me by another family member.

If you thought like me that this would have been my savior to get a new look. Sorry to disappoint you, it definitely was not. I’m just going to say right now before telling the story that trying this person’s recommendation was a big, not just a big but a HUGE,MONUMENTAL MISTAKE!!!!! Remember how I said I did burgundy the first time around and that was a fail. Well, this time I decided to go with Honey Blonde Highlights and you wouldn’t’ believe how janky this salon was.

My look after having heat damage and my look after going back to natural

For those of you who don’t know what I mean by janky. Think about it like this. Don’t you just hate when you go into a salon and the atmosphere is like a hair factory or an assembly line? Meaning you expect quality and receive tragedy when your hair is being done because the stylist clearly doesn’t know how to style or work with your hair texture. You go there expecting greatness and end up receiving fastness, poor quality, cheap work, or annoyance since you realize the person who is doing your hair doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing. As an African American woman, I’ve gone through this experience more times than I can count. Especially since many stylists who look at my texture tend to automatically assume that it’s either really thick, needs a thousand hours of heat to become straight, or just simply wants to perm it because it’s easier for them to do. For example, How many of you have heard the line ” aww you have such pretty hair, why don’t you just perm it” . I know I have and if I were to be paid a dollar for every time someone has told me this, I would not need to work a 9-5.

What I’ve noticed a lot of the times are hairdressers who usually are unfamiliar with dealing with textured hair, tend to use the frying method for straightening our hair type if you are 4a, b, or c. . If you don’t know what I mean by that don’t worry let me help you understand the frying method process.

The stylist will wash and condition your hair with no treatment They put rollers, sit you under the dryer for like 45 min then take the rollers out and use another blow dryer to get the roots so straight that the curls are no longer visible to the naked eye. I’m sure many of you are asking why would I still even stay in the chair after realizing my stylist was completely clueless when it came to handling my hair texture. Well at the time I was a broke 18-year-old college freshman who wanted a new look on a cheap budget. Plus it wasn’t like I just went to any ole salon. I went to one that was recommended and used the stylist that was referred to me by a family member.

Long story short, I got the new look I was craving since my hair was nicely highlighted for about a day even though highlighting it made it shorter. The worse part about this whole experience was how flat and damaged my hair looked once it was washed and back to its natural state. If you thought that was the worse part of it, you’re sadly mistaken because right after that my hair started to fall out. It was shedding like a loose weave.

As a result, I eventually just ended up rocking straight bobs and a lot of protective hairstyles with weave in order to get my hair to grow back healthy and full. Lastly for those of you who are curious about if I went back to that salon. Just ask yourself would you go back? This is my story and I would love to hear yours.

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Natural Hair Nightmare Stories… We all Have one. So Share yours on our Natural Hair Stories Chatroom via Tumblr…