How Lively Naturale Textures Got Started

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Lively Naturale Textures was an idea formed by me (Samantha) and my sister (Genna) right in our home on wash day. I don’t know about you but for me and my sister, wash day and doing our hair, in general, was just always a long process that we wanted to avoid. One of the reasons we wanted to avoid that day was because of all the work and hassle that came with washing and doing our hair.

As young African American women with 4b[i.e. tightly coiled hair] and 4c [i.e. kinky hair] our hair would just tangle and always be dry after every wash or even when it was left out too long. We remember going to the beauty supply and buying every product you can think of for detangling, moisturizing, and even preventing breakage. But nothing seemed to ever last long enough as a solution for our hair.

At one point, we even went as far as buying other conditioning products, mixing them together like fake chemists, and adding them to our hair for a 12-hour conditioning treatment. That solution worked but let’s be serious, who really wants to wait 12 hours after washing their hair for it to be soft and smooth enough to even do twist out or a wash and go look. I mean think about it, after 12 hours, it’s no longer a wash-and-go look but more of a ‘thank god it’s done look.

After this, we had a bright idea to start experimenting with natural oils and butters to see if that would make a difference with our hair woes. You’re probably asking why would we just make an abrupt switch like this. Let’s be honest, our hair process routine was just so long that we had nothing to lose at that point.

We started using simple things we had in our kitchen or items that we found within our natural food store such as:

  • Aloe Gel
  • Almond Seed Butter
  • Raw Honey
  • Syrup
  • Essential Oils

So you can guess if we’re writing this blog then that means our hair went from looking like it’s been electrocuted to being beautiful enough to electrify the room. As a result, my sister and I realized we should share our stories, ideas, and recipes in addition to listening to your stories about your natural hair journey.

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How Lively Naturale Textures Got Started